Creative journal 5


Growing up when my grandma was well enough to garden she did, I was always fascinated how things grew and how they tasted and hoe I could just pull up a potato wipe the dirt off and eat it, the same with carrots. I have always loved summertime because that’s the time grandma grows and I get to go eat all of the fresh vegetables. I have never known how to do it myself but since this class it has really sparked my interest in growing things, and plants. For one of my early childhood education classes we had to come up with an invitation for grades K-3, for my invitation I used an indicator from the sk curriculum relating to plants in their natural environments, so I took focus from our class when we planted all the different seeds and pea chutes, and I got a tray of peat moss and grabbed a package of flowers. I let the students plant their own and they had fun with it! So far all 50 of them have sprouted pretty well and may be ready to plant soon, and that is my new offering to the earth. I will be planting these flowers at my house and I am really excited to see how they turn out, I would also love to talk to my grandma about how to maintain a garden, I really think I would love to start a garden of my own and I could start composting out in the garden as well.


We need to give back to the earth like Kimmerer says, we need to offer it good things and I think that a garden is great for the earth in so many ways and would love to stop buying produced food at grocery stores, that way I can offer more to the earth by lowering my use of plastics that the food is packaged in. “The visible became invisible, merging with the soil. It may have been a second-hand ceremony, but even through my confusion I recognized that the earth drank it up as if it were right. The earth knows you, even when you are lost.” (36.) I thought that this quote was beautiful because I can’t tell you how many times I have gone outside to be in beautiful nature because I was upset, because the earth knows me and it cheers me up when I am lost and am looking for guidance. I feel connected to this earth and I want to give something back to it, because it is always there if I need some peace in my soul.  

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