Ecoliteracy Braid

For my first braid I chose Bens poem to braid with because I think we had a lot of the same ideas about how we look at the environment and feel about it. In Bens poem he writes “You have shown me the earth is such a special place…” “You tell me I should be honoured and lucky to call this beautiful Earth our home…” “You demonstrate how we need to give back to this Earth and not just take…” and in my poem I wrote “Nothing is better than the world we live in; So let’s take a moment and think of what we can do to give back to the world; Something just as good as the world gives to us.” I feel like we were thinking in the same mindset when we wrote these poems. We both recognize that we need change in our environment and we both think that we should be honored to live on this earth and we need to give back to it.

I also thought that Kieras letter related a lot to mine, while I read it I thought wow, she is thinking exactly what I am thinking, but both were put in such different ways. Kiera says “We are so grateful to live on this planet that we call Earth. There are so many beautiful sites to see and places to explore.” “Have you ever went outside just to be outside, with no other reason but to embrace the natural beauty of nature?” as well as “Or the glazing hot sun on your body that has been craving sunlight for months?” I thought that those related to what I said in my poem, “It is enjoying every breath of fresh air you take; Loving every moment in nature on a warm summer day; Capturing every breathtaking experience in the world.” We both see the world as a natural beauty we should be grateful for, but we both put the words in such different but humble ways.

For some differences I thought that Laurens Ecolitracy poem was so deep and different than mine, Lauren is thinking in the mindset of the world, she is speaking for the world to us, where as in mine I am speaking to the environment. “I love you for feeling the rhythm of nature and for being open to learning from the true teacher, not a parent, or grandparent, or a school teacher, but the earth teacher.” “And when all is said and done, and we are dying and, we are done. I will love you for following your original instructions and for trying to return this home to those from whom we borrowed it.” Where as in my poem I say “You need to be the change in the world; So lets seek change, and make it happen; For a better world for us all.” Although Laurens poem is so different from mine we both think that if we have borrowed it, we should give it back.

The course reading that I thought most connected with my poem and braid is Friluftsliv: The Scandinavian Philosophy of Outdoor Life. Friluftsliv is the spiritual feeling of connectedness to the landscape, and that is what I tried to create in my poem, my love and connection to the world. The article says that “The word friluftsliv implies being in the open air, the outdoors… it involves free nature. Friluftsliv involves the unconditional encounter with nature in the same way as getting to know a person needs an unconditional meeting, and not just a quick look at eachother.” In my poem I said that “Being an ecoliterate person to me means being apart of and engaging with the environment around you… and taking your time to stop and smell the flowers; and just being there in the moment; right here on planet earth.” Friluftsliv is about harmonizing with nature, not disturbing or destroying it. Friluftsliv is about love and respect for nature, and I think that is what Kiera, Ben and I all thought of when we wrote our ecoliterate pieces.




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