CJ & Blog post 2

cj 2

For my creative journal I have made just a simple but meaningful drawing of what I interpreted from Robin Wall Kimmerers story Maple Nation, as well as ways to leap into action to help with reciprocity to the land. Robins story really got me to think about the trees, she refers to the trees as “standing people” and I think that it’s true and people these days don’t think about trees as people, they don’t give back to the trees or care for them when that’s how we live, breathe, and write. The trees help every aspect of our world and they are just taken for granted. So I think that everyone should be trying to give back to the trees and earth and it means a lot to me that I start to follow this as well, I can’t be hypocritical and say we need to change, but never act on it.


Throughout reading Robins story and watching before the flood documentary it has really opened my eyes. I never knew that out world was in such danger, I never knew that we are at great risks for flooding of countries and rainforest animals going extinct and millions of more issues. These have really taught me that I need to be doing my part to try and make our environment better for the sake of our lives, as well as exotic and regular animals lives. I need to be doing as much as I can on my part whether it be recycling more, or trying to compost my fruits, or reducing my use of paper and plastic. But I now realize just how important these issues really are and that I need to start doing my part to create a healthier environment.



One thought on “CJ & Blog post 2

  1. Jade, I’m so glad you were able to connect to the reading. Your representation really shows the thoughts you had while reading. I agree that trees are extremely important in our environment and I don’t think a lot of people are aware of this. I really liked all your words and different pictures you included in your representation, I definitely thought of all of things things as well. I am also really glad that this reading and the documentary has opened your eyes on the environment. It definitely opened my eyes as well! One thing you can think about adding to your creative visual is a personal connection. Maybe something that has happened in your life that you thought of when you were creating your visual.
    Well done!


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